How to Apply for Time Off on Macy’s Insite

How to Apply for Time Off at Macy’s.

This article shows associates how to submit time-off requests at Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s.
MTO is an application in My INSITE that enables associates to plan, schedule, or submit time off requests for that your manager can approva.
As an Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s associate, you can:
  • View eligible leave balances
  • Submit time off requests
  • View your request history
You can access MTO from work through My INSITE or from home by going to employeeconnection.net and clicking on the INSITE link.

How to Access Macy’s Time Off (MTO).

The MTO system allows you to manage requests.
1. Log into My IN-SITE
2. Click the tab labelled My Day.
3. To the right of the screen select the link Time Off (MTO) to access the system.

View your Macy’s “Leave Balance”.

To view your leave balance:
On the View Balance tab, view your balance for the current year.

It displays the current year by default. To display information for the previous or next fiscal year, select from the Year dropdown menu.

The grid will display these categories:
  • Time Eligibility in days by category (personal vacation, etc.)
  • Time Taken
  • Time Requested
  • Time Scheduled
  • Time Remaining
  • Time Taken Details
  • Scheduled Details
  • Time Requested Details.

How to Request Time Off on Macy’s Insite.

To request time off at Macy’s, do this:
1. Click the Request Time Off tab in the MTO system.
2. Select a month when you want to take time off.
3. Click the blue hyperlinked date to select that week.
4. Select the specific days within that week that you want to use for time off
5. Select the Type of Request
6. Click on “Submit”.
7. Click on “Confirm”.
When selecting days, only the types of leave with an available balance will show in the dropdown menu. The “Selected Day Off” box is active for retail locations on MSP schedule options only.
After you submit a time-off request, the system displays
a confirmation message that the request is in Pending
or Approved status. It includes a unique ID number to track the request’s progress on the View
Request History tab.
8. (Optional) Click Submit Another Request to open a
new request page and start another request.
If your request for time off at Macy’s cross 2 different weeks, the system will ask for you to create a separate request for each.

How to View Macy’s Time Off Request History.

The “Time Off Request History” tab will display Pending, Approved, Denied, and Canceled entries from the current date through the end of the fiscal year. A longer or shorter history can be displayed, by clicking on the calendar icon

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