Macy’s Employee Discount

Macy’s Employee Discount.

How to Get the Best Deal with Your Macy’s Employee Discount.

If you find yourself hired to work for Macy’s, this could be one of the best times to put your financial savvy to work.  You can maximize your money’s worth with the many discounts you can use when shopping with your Macy’s employee discount.

As an employee, you get as much as 20% discount on most items in the store.  This 20% employee’s discount can be used when buying practically anything, whether an item is regularly priced or marked down.  And this is just the icing on the cake, so to speak.

The regular 20% employee’s discount can be used together with other exclusive discounts that can amount to additional 10% price offs on special days.  Coupons can be put into the purchase to lower the costs further.  So how can you even get a better deal?  Here are a few suggestions.

Sign Up for the Macy’s Credit Card.

The best way to maximize your Macy’s employee discount is to sign up for a Macy’s credit account. Macy’s credit cards are either pre-paid or credit, with some also earning rewards points.

Purchases are swiped at tag price but all discounts applied are reflected in your monthly bill.  The trick here is to mindful of your purchases and track your spending.

Be Part of Macy’s Email Newsletter List.

Even if you are in the store working your shift, it will not hurt to get regular updates on sale events in your email.  Sign up to receive Macy’s newsletter in your email. Promo codes and discount coupons are sent directly to you. This way, you don’t miss out on sale events.

Plan and Don’t Buy on Impulse.

Perhaps the best perk of working at Macy’s is getting a head’s up on new merchandise, and this will tempt you into buying.  The best thing to do is just to wait and hold that itch to buy.

You can maximize value for your money spent by waiting for the One Day Sales, Holiday Sales or Clearance Sales.  Exclusive discounts on these sale dates can be added up to your regular 20% Macy’s employee discount.

Collect Coupons.

Collecting coupons makes the wait even more worthwhile.  Check your newspaper or look up online sites for Macy’s coupons.  Bring them with you when you want to purchase your item.  All these can be used on together with the regular Macy’s employee discount.

Macy’s Friends and Family Sale.

Macy’s Friends and Family Sale is a sale event that happens a few times a year for a typical period of 1 or 2 weeks. Usually, you can get 10% to 30% off clothing, electronics and cosmetics.

You do not have to be an employee to take part in the sale. The ‘Macy’s Friends and Family Sale’ is named as, you will want to tell your friends and family about. But judge for yourself.  You will get an extra 30% off regular, sale plus clearance items, including all top designers.

Do the Math.

Be persistent.  With all the price offs you can bundle together at Macy’s, you can come home with a purchase for practically nothing.  Just think of how much savings you will get when you add up the 10% Day Sale discount, plus a coupon for $40 off on a price ticket, plus your 20% Macy’s employee discount, topped off with a free shipping coupon! And this does not count the cash backs or points earned from Macy’s Star Rewards or Macy’s Money.

Working in retail can have its set of challenges.  What job doesn’t? One of the best perks of working at Macy’s is an opportunity to buy things at very low prices.

Don’t pass off the chance to be money-smart with your Macy’s employee discount.  Macy’s has one of the best employee discount packages in tn country.


  1. I am a Macy’s full time employee ..wanted to check if without Macys card holder ,I am still eligible for discount, if no then-my hire date was June 18 , 2019. and I would like to request for a macy’s credit card , also wanted to know if this is free of cost and no annual fee or any other fee..

    My employee id is #1112xxxx

    Please inform as to when I will be receiving it.
    Thank you.


  2. how do I get an associates credit card or prepaid associate credit card so I can get the 20% discount on items I buy…I work in the Macys store…for BCBG…please help


  3. how do I apply for the Macy associate discount credit card or prepaid card?


  4. I am a Macy’s full time employee .. my hire date was November 17, 2017.
    I have not yet received my employee prepaid card.
    My employee #10861248.

    Please inform as to when I will be receiving it.
    Thank you.
    Teresa Popovich


  5. hi I am a new seasonal employee with Macys and I would like to know if my prepaid employee purchase card is available and also if I still have a credit from last year that I did not use. Thank you



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