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Macy’s Insite Login & Employee Schedule.(

Complete guide to the Macys Insite employee website.

View your Macy’s work schedule, past paystub and manage your benefits. Learn how to log in to Macys Insite from home and from your mobile phone, and how to avoid common login problems.

Disclaimer: This is a help guide for informational use only. To visit the official Macys Insite page, go to

Macys Insite or Which website should I use?

Every major company is the US now have a dedicated employee website, where associates can log in with their own User ID and password. Macy’s (and Bloomingdale’s) is no exception.

New employees at Macy’s are sometimes left confused about where to login and how to obtain their User Id and password, however.

This is understanding as Macy’s have two actual website urls that lead to their employee portal, namely, and

Howver, both websites will eventually lead you to the same sign in page, located here. So it does not really which url you start with. Use the link on this page to go directly to the Macys employee login page.

How to Use the Portal

The Employee Connection website is a broader portal, that includes company news, w-2 and 2-4 forms as PDFs, and links to company ressources.

You will be able to read up on all Macy’s and Bloomingdales benefits, including:

WageWorks – COBRA Login
2017 Plan Documents and Information
2018 Plan Documents and Information
2018 Health Plan Selection Tool
Social Security
Earning for Learning
Employee Assistance Program
Matching Gifts
Scholarship Program
CollegeBound 529 Plan
Macy’s Extra Associate Discount Events
The Early Dispute Resolution Program (EDR)

The website also lists company employee news, and corporate resources, that is accessible without logging in first.

How to Use the Macys MyInsite Portal.

The Macy’s Insite website at should be used only when you want to log in to the Macy’s Insite portal.

Once logged in, Macy’s Insite users are able to:

  • View your weekly work schedules.
  • Check benefits.
  • Make changes to their medical, vision and dental coverage.
  • See company news and read the company website.
  • View your previous paystubs.
  • Change social security, tax and 401K information.
  • View  W2s and W4s.
  • Change contact information, such as address, phone numbers and more.
  • Apply for holidays and paid time off.

How to Register for Macy’s Insite.

Macy’s Insite registration.
In order to sign in to the system, you will need to register first.

To register:

  • Visit
  • Click on ‘My Insite’.
  • Click on ‘Site-In’.
  • Click on you have forgot password/unlock password option.
  • On the password manager screen an, you must fill in your Employee Id and the last 4 numbers of your social security number.
  • Solve the CAPTHA and follow the insturctions to unlock your temporary employee password.

How to Login at the Website.

Macy’s Insite Login.

To login to the employee website, follow these steps:

  • After registration, go to, and click on ‘My Insite’.
  • Click on ‘Sign In’.
  • Enter your employee ID and password.

Macys Insite Login.

You can also go directly to the url at:

for the direct access login screen.

If you are still having problems logging in to MyInsite, then see our Macys Insite Login Troubleshooting guide.

Add your questions or comments in the comment section below.

Macy’s Insite FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if my Login screen is not loading?
– Close your browser and then open a new browser and try again.

What does “Code Required” mean?
– On the screen that indicates “Code Required”, you can click on “Why?” to get an explanation. You must have a personal email/phone on file. If you do not, call Macy’s Insite Help Desk at 1-678-474-2300.

What if I am not getting code sent to me?
– Use the “REQUEST NEW CODE” button and try a different delivery method if you have more than one.
– If you do not have 2 delivery methods you can update your profile in MyHR or Password Manager
Note – Text messages to other than country code +1 cannot be sent. Instead, select email as the delivery option.

What email address can I use to login?
– Applications like ignite (Degreed), Google Cloud, Service Now allow logging on with email address but this MUST be your Macy’s Inc. company email address.

What if I am having an application issues?
– For ANY application logon screen issue, call the Macy’s Insite Help Desk at 1-678-474-2300

Macys Insite Login Error.
– I am a former employee logging into Macys InSite and receiving error message “The sign-in attempt failed. Please try again.”
1. Validate that you selected the “Former Collegue” Sign-in Button and typed the correct Employee ID/Password.
2. If you have issues after logging into Macys InSite, issues with your employee number, or issues related to Human Resources, call Macy’s HR Services at 1-800-234-6229.

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  1. Hello . I was told to get ahold of the solutions store to see if I was eligible to work with Macy’s. My last day working at Macy’s was in Jan 2021


    • To get started at Macys Insite, you will need to unlock your password first.
      Visit to the Password Manager at
      Enter your Employee ID and the last 4 digts of your SSN.
      Enter the code shown on the screen and click on “Next”.


    • To get started at Macys Insite, you will need to unlock your password first.
      Visit to the Password Manager at
      Enter your Employee ID and the last 4 digts of your SSN.
      Enter the code shown on the screen and click on “Next”.


  2. My name is Rita Sharan, and I worked as a seasonal associate in cools spring galleria, Franklin , Tn. my last day was 02/15/2019. I am looking for future employment in same Macy’s as part time associate
    , please email me for any open position I aan apply for.
    Thank you


  3. my name is Chakadhari Sharan, My last day was 02/15/2019 for seasonal positions in cools spring galleria, Franklin, TN, but I want to back to work in same Macy:s store ,if you have any position available full time or part time . Please send me email for any update. Thank you


    • You will need to log in to the Macys Insite employee website, and choose the “My Schedule Plus” or “My Day” application, to view your daily, weekly and monthly work schedule for Macy’s (Bloomingdale’s).


  4. I can’t access my employee schedule. I log in and everything when I click on my day I’m told that I do not have access to my schedule plus. What do I do?


  5. I can’t log in to my direct Macys Insite deposit. . Or my insurance. ..!!


    • Maureen, go https:// Click on Sign In. Then log in with your Macys employee ID. Find MyDay or My Schedule Plus, and check your Macys weekly and monthly work schedule


  6. Help!!!!!! I forgot my password and I am having ALOT of trouble changing it on Insite


  7. My name is Rebecca Vaughn and I had an interview on April 10th at Macy’s logistics and operations in Portland TN and have not heard anything back. Eager to come back to work in MSL beauty. Thank you.


    • You can e-mail MacysJobs at [email protected].
      There may be a number of interviews to complete before Macy’s make a selection decision. You should be contacted via phone or e-mail to inform you of the outcome of your interview. Check your email spam filter and make sure you can receive e-mail from [email protected].


  8. I was part of the cuts in spring 2017 . I have not received my vacation pay for 4 weeks of 2017 as well as my 1 week of 2016 . yes I was on LOA at the time of separation ,bout every one I know got there vacation played . As well for the 2016 we were all told to put in any vacation taken for 2016 leaving the balance that was on the colander to be taken when the vacation schedule was presented , why have I nor gotten my pay as of now . is Macy’s solution the one to get this resolved ? .


  9. Hello my name is Cheryl Buday. Can you please mail out my w2 form to my address? Computer is down.


    • Macy’s W-2’s are managed by Read how do get your W-2 at


  10. I worked for Macys from 07/2016-05/2017 and I would like to know how I can get access to login to My Insite to print out my W2’s.


    • Macy’s W-2’s are managed by Read how do get your W-2 at


  11. I worked last year and I will like my w2 to come to this address:Nila xxxxx Santa Rosa avenue San Francisco CA 94112. Thanks.


  12. I’ve advertised a 1/15 shift for 3 days with no takers. I now want to callout
    the shift, but can’t find the callout option.
    Where is it?


  13. I worked at Macy’s cottman mall store when i first apllied it was for full time they told me i was only seasonal, however, my sales were extravagant, and I even sold furniture, while there was no one on the floor, the insight did go out a few times and scheduling via phone and computer is not up and running, also I did apply for full time work and not getting in but others are , I did ask management too, however, I did I a lot of training and was let go before holidays


  14. I left Macy’s over 5 years ago and had my 401k rolled over. Why do I still get statements from Merrill Lynch regarding my 401k?


  15. My name is Rebecca Massey
    I worked at Macy’s in the past.
    Last four numbers of SS is 4352
    Can you please check if I have any retirement benefits with Macy’s
    Thank you.


  16. My last day at Macy’s was June 10, 2017. I want to rollover my 401K. Please provide me with the phone number to call, to have that done.



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